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Urbici Soler was a well-known sculptor who was born in Spain and studied in Germany. He has many sculptures that can be found in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, and Spain. He was commissioned in 1937 by Reverend A.J. Schuler to make “Christ the King” on Mount Cristo Rey, which is now a well-known El Paso landmark. Soler taught at the College of Mines but faced many obstacles due to his beliefs on how to teach a class. Soler lived in El Paso until his death in 1953. The Urbici Soler collection dates 1933 – 2000. Types of records include photographs, clippings, articles, manuscripts, and other printed materials. These materials help document Soler’s life and his career as an artist.

Guía de MS037 Urbici Soler collection.pdf (200 kB)
Guía de MS037 Urbici Soler collection