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Architect Otto H. Thorman was born on April 12, 1887 in Missouri. He moved to El Paso in 1911 where he set up his architectural business. Thorman remained in El Paso and practiced architecture until his death on March 11,1966. Many of Thorman’s designs were in the Pueblo and Spanish styles, and his work wasmainly residential, although he did some commercial designs such as the Woman’s Club of El Paso, the El Paso Free Public Library, and the pavilion for the Liberty Statue in Pioneer Plaza. The Otto H. Thorman papers, 1910-1964, contain records kept by O. H. Thorman during his career as an architect in the Southwest. The collection contains architectural records, such as drawings, blueprints, photographs, surveys, elevations, structural details, and sketches done by clients. Most of the designs are for residences, but there are some commercial buildings included.