Visualizing communication between neurons in the lamina ganglionaris of Musca domestica

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K. G. Haines, B. A. Pearlmutier, J. A. Moya, K. Edlund and T. P. Caudell, "Visualizing communication between neurons in the lamina ganglionaris of Musca domestica," Proceedings of the IEEE-INNS-ENNS International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. IJCNN 2000. Neural Computing: New Challenges and Perspectives for the New Millennium, Como, Italy, 2000, pp. 53-58 vol.3.
doi: 10.1109/IJCNN.2000.861280


A simplified model of the fly's early visual processing system was simulated. The model contains coupled nonlinear differential equations, increasing the complexity of software and its computational burden. An extension of the model to large arrays of retinal cartridges required high performance computing which further increased the complexity. Conventional visualization methods limited software development and model analysis. As a solution, more sophisticated visualization tools, such as IBM's open visualization data explorer and UNM's Flatland, were employed. These tools expedited software debugging and development. The accuracy and added insight afforded by these visualization tools provided a more natural environment for simulation analysis.