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T.M. Fullerton, Jr., J.H. Holcomb, and M.L. Jaeger, “Empirical Mysteries of the 2016-17 NBA Regular Season,”Athens Journal of Sports 7 (2), 77-98,



This study examines the on-court performance of the thirty National Basketball Association (NBA) teams during the 2016-17 NBA basketball season. Cross sectional data are employed to analyze wins for the 2016-17 NBA basketball season. Although the results are inconclusive, there is one notable outcome in the form of a negative correlation between team payrolls and victories. Field goal percentage is, similarly, also reliably associated with team wins. In general, the outcomes obtained stand in contrast to those reported in prior analyses conducted for major League Baseball and the National Football League. Replication of this study for the 437 teams in National Collegiate Athletics Association provides an intriguing opportunity for subsequent research.