Theoretical Communities of Praxis: The university writing center as cultural contact zone

Randall William Monty, University of Texas at El Paso


The fundamental purpose of Theoretical Communities of Praxis: The University Writing Center as Cultural Contact Zone is to investigate the situatedness of Writing Center Studies, defining it as an autonomous (sub)discipline and interdisciplinary contact zone within the larger discipline of Rhetoric and Composition. In order to meet this objective, a “Communities of Praxis” methodological and theoretical framework, based on scholarship of Critical Discourse Analysis, ecocomposition, and Contextualist Research Paradigm, is applied in the analysis of a variety of WCS discourses. In doing so, WCS is repositioned as a series of interrelated, triangulated contact zones that are based on collaborative interactions and illustrated through the development of heuristic maps that challenges the traditional discursive practices of local writing centers and the WCS (sub)discipline alike. By emphasizing a (sub)disciplinary identification based on embracing WCS’s place as an interdisciplinary contact zone, this dissertation demonstrates ways for all stakeholders to employ a Communities of Praxis framework in order to more effectively and more equitably consider the theoretical places and physical spaces of Writing Center Studies.

Subject Area

Rhetoric|Higher education

Recommended Citation

Monty, Randall William, "Theoretical Communities of Praxis: The university writing center as cultural contact zone" (2013). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI3565925.