Evaluation of a nutrition program targeting child care centers

Kendra Elizabeth Marie Witt, University of Texas at El Paso


Color Me Healthy (CMH) is an interactive nutrition program designed for preschool aged children in child care settings. The current study examined if CMH increases the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Child care centers were randomly assigned to one of two conditions; children (n=165) in ten centers received CMH and children (n=98) in seven centers acted as controls. Consumption of fruit and vegetable snacks was assessed at baseline, one week post-intervention and 3 months post-intervention. Hierarchical linear modeling determined that group assignment was the only significant predictor of fruit and vegetable consumption. Children who were exposed to the CMH program consumed significantly more fruit and vegetable snack at post-intervention assessments. The current findings suggest that CMH may be used in child care settings for developing healthy eating habits.

Subject Area

Behavioral psychology|Nutrition|Public health|Health education

Recommended Citation

Witt, Kendra Elizabeth Marie, "Evaluation of a nutrition program targeting child care centers" (2008). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI3341658.