The New World thief ants of the genus Solenopsis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Jose Angel Pacheco, University of Texas at El Paso


The New World thief ant group of Solenopsis is revised. Seventy-two taxa are recognized and 11 new species are described, totaling 83 species. Species limits were based on distinct disparities in overall morphology among specimens. All subspecies, stirps, races, and varieties were examined when accessible for all species. Decisions for synonymy or revised species status were also based on geographic and ecological grouping when such information was available. Major taxonomic changes are proposed, including the synonymy of many taxa. Diagnoses of the worker, female, and male castes are included. All castes are described when available, accompanied by illustrations, measurements, discussion, locality maps, with keys provided for identification of the workers. As the former subgeneric designations are not useful and the previous species complexes did not encompass all the taxa in the New World, 8 informal complexes have been proposed. The following species and complexes are defined: brevicornis complex: azteca, brevicornis, terricola; fugax complex: germaini, johnsoni n. sp., krockowi, melina n. sp., orestes, patagonica, pergandei, pilosula, rugiceps, tetracantha, thoracica, vinsoni n. sp., westwoodi; globularia complex: bucki, desecheoensis, globularia, lucayensis; molesta complex: abdita, abjectior, basalis, carolinensis, castor, clytemnestra, conjurata, corticalis, decipiens, franki, helena, joergenseni, laeviceps, latastei, loretana, maboya, major, molesta, nickersoni, parva, patriciae n. sp. , picea, picta, pollux, quadridentata n. sp. , rosella, salina, striata n. sp., subtilis, sulfurea, tenuis, texana, validiuscula, zeteki; nigella complex: andina, emiliae, gensterblumi, macrops, metanotalis, nigella, oculata, photophila, schilleri, shiptoni; pygmaea complex: goeldii, impolita n. sp. , isopilis n. sp., leptanilloides, minutissima, ocellata n. sp., pulleni n. sp., pygmaea, subterranea, tennesseensis, tonsa, whitfordi n. sp.; stricta complex: hayemi, stricta; and wasmannii complex: altinodis, bicolor, iheringi, succinea, wasmannii.

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Pacheco, Jose Angel, "The New World thief ants of the genus Solenopsis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)" (2007). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI3284663.