Translanguaging in Science Emergent Bilingual Classrooms

Maria Fernanda Moya, University of Texas at El Paso


Overall, this literature review seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the research on translanguaging in the science classroom at middle school and high school levels and to highlight its potential as a pedagogical approach to promote scientific inquiry and support the linguistic and cultural diversity of emergent bilingual students. By synthesizing existing research and identifying openings in the literature, this review aims to contribute to ongoing discussions about the role of language in science education and the importance of promoting equitable access to scientific knowledge for all bilingual learners. Various case studies around translanguaging in STEM education have been conducted, yet there is no literature review to use as a guide to an introduction to the topic as of July 2023. This literature review is to be used as an introduction to the topic of translanguaging incorporation into STEM middle school and high school classrooms.

Subject Area

Bilingual education|Translation studies|Pedagogy

Recommended Citation

Moya, Maria Fernanda, "Translanguaging in Science Emergent Bilingual Classrooms" (2023). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI30635040.