Systematization of Central Office Support for Schools in Need of Improvement in a South Texas School District

Louisa Aguirre-Baeza, University of Texas at El Paso


Independent school district central office administrators were challenged with defining, detailing and disseminating systems of support and structure during the unprecedented times of the COVID19 pandemic. To maintain focus on instruction during a pandemic that caused needed attention on quarantined environments and remote learning structures, campus administrators were tasked with making school happen without being in their school building environments that were structured for instruction. This research presents an intentional production of knowledge through actions and experiences of one Texas school district that provided effective instruction that earned them an A-rating from the Texas Education Agency. Through the leadership and transformation of the district’s central office academic leadership, the effective leadership practices, procedures and outcomes are chronologically detailed from March 2020 through August 2022 when the district earned their A-Rating. Using an innovative methodological approach of systematization and interviews from campus administrators, I reconstruct my lived experiences as the acting associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction who was part of the central office leadership that made it all happen. I highlight the creation of instructional models, the use of the Effective Schools Framework and explain the support and professional development that was shared with our campus leaders.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Educational administration|Curriculum development|Education

Recommended Citation

Aguirre-Baeza, Louisa, "Systematization of Central Office Support for Schools in Need of Improvement in a South Texas School District" (2023). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI30634966.