Shades of Blue

Allison Denise Thomas, University of Texas at El Paso


"Shades of Blue" is a confessional narrative that explores the ways in which our lives can be covered in a tinge of color. The experiences that shaped this collection are marked by the calm powder blues and rough midnight blues that change the way we see and think about the world. This narrative work took on a confessional voice because of the autobiographical nature of confessional poetry. Like other confessional collections this work is an exploration of the self and the truth of life. This collection was constructed by employing various poetic devices and forms. Several poems take on correspondent forms that mirror text interactions as well as letter interactions.

Subject Area

Creative writing

Recommended Citation

Thomas, Allison Denise, "Shades of Blue" (2022). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI30246428.