Characterization of 3D Printed Parts Containing Integrated Functionality via Ultrasonically Embedded Wires

David Abraham Sepulveda, University of Texas at El Paso


Material extrusion additive manufacturing has been widely adopted because it offers freedom of design, which allows complex geometry fabrication, and rapid prototyping. Interest in producing components with integrated functionality allowed forms of hybrid manufacturing to be developed such as the Multi3D system. This system produces parts with embedded components by combining additive, subtractive, soldering, dispensing, and embedding techniques. However, this involves pausing the printing process (which takes place in a controlled environment) and exposing it to ambient temperature where embedding takes places. In this research, the effect of embedding parts with 24 AWG copper for improved functionality was quantified mechanically. To do this, five different specimen treatments were designed in which the number of wires present was varied. Uniaxial tensile testing along with static structural simulations were carried out to analyze stress concentration areas within the geometry and characterize the mechanical properties of the parts. Embedded specimens were also tested electrically using a direct current power supply during mechanical testing to analyze the electrical conductivity and continuity of the ultrasonically embedded copper wire. It was found components with embedded copper wires experienced a decrease in mechanical properties; however, there was no impact on the electrical conductivity of the copper trace during testing. The finite element analysis simulation revealed stress concentration areas within the specimens with embedded wires which could cause the part to fail prematurely. The results found in this study can help in the design of embedded components when integrated functionality is the goal in mind and in aiding future process improvements to the hybrid additive manufacturing approach.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering|Aerospace engineering

Recommended Citation

Sepulveda, David Abraham, "Characterization of 3D Printed Parts Containing Integrated Functionality via Ultrasonically Embedded Wires" (2022). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI29393899.