Analysis of Factors Affecting Maternal Health Using Data Mining Techniques

Prajina Edayath, University of Texas at El Paso


Despite being the most expensive maternity care globally, the US has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among developed countries. Furthermore, maternal mortality (MM) and severe maternal morbidity (SMM) have increased in the US during the past two decades. The poor maternal outcome has several contributors. Several socioeconomic and sociodemographic factors impact poor maternal health outcomes and disparities in (MM) and (SMM). However, 45 – 60% of all maternal deaths and SMM cases are preventable with timely and appropriate care. Thus, maternal health outcomes result from multilevel contributors, which suggests that there are opportunities to improve health service quality. This research is trying to analyze maternal health outcomes using three data mining techniques. The analysis summarized that other than considering the socioeconomic and sociodemographic factors clinical factors such as laboratory work, procedure, and visit type can reveal more about the maternal outcome.

Subject Area

Engineering|Industrial engineering

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Edayath, Prajina, "Analysis of Factors Affecting Maternal Health Using Data Mining Techniques" (2022). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI29324661.