The Posthuman Paradox: Acknowledging What Matters through Affective Rhetoricity

Alison Wells Zepeda, University of Texas at El Paso


This dissertation advances a theory of affective rhetoricity through personal narrative and an integrative literature review as a methodological approach. The project draws on a theoretical framework constructed from intra- and extra-disciplinary theories of posthumanism, affect, language, material feminism, object-oriented ontology, new materialism, and rhetoric through which collisions between objects and language are examined as arguments for affective rhetoricity as a revised way of understanding rhetoric’s force. The study culminates with ethical and pedagogical implications for the rhetoric and writing classroom, what it means to enact an ontological disposition toward writing, and an exploration of our human capacity to write more meaningfully.

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Zepeda, Alison Wells, "The Posthuman Paradox: Acknowledging What Matters through Affective Rhetoricity" (2021). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28866321.