Translation and Validation of the Spanish Version of the Quality of Life Inventory for Adolescents (QOLIE-AD-48)

Perla Michelle Martinez, University of Texas at El Paso


Background: In 1999, an instrument was developed to assess quality of life (QoL) among adolescences with epilepsy. To our knowledge there is not a validated Spanish version of this questionnaire. There is a gap in the literature about QoL and epilepsy among speaking Spanish populations. Objectives: 1) To conduct an English-Spanish translation of the QOLIE-AD-48; 2) to evaluate the reliability of the Spanish version of the QoLIE-AD-48; and 3) to assess the validity of the Spanish version of the QoLIE-AD-48. Method: Phase 1 translation: Methods followed the published work of Sousa and Rojjanasrirat (2010). Phase 2 Pilot study: the sample population was comprised of speaking Spanish adolescents with a history of epilepsy who were members of the two Facebook groups about epilepsy that were selected. The inclusion criteria included: being between the ages of 10 and 19 years; diagnosed with epilepsy for at least 2 years; active epilepsy; Spanish speaking; able to read Spanish texts; currently attending school. Descriptive analyses and correlations across the sample were conducted. A sociodemographic survey and the Illness Severity Index (ISI) were also administered to all participants. Results: 78 individuals participated in our survey. Only 6 participants fulfilled the inclusion criteria. The age range was 12-19 years, mean age of 15.8 years (SD=3.11 years). 50% presented a high illness severity, and 50% had a moderate illness severity. Statistical analyses indicate some high reliability and validity correlations indicating that the Spanish instrument is usable Conclusion: Even though our sample was small, we concluded that the Spanish version of the QOLIE-AD-48 can be used among individuals of Spanish speaking countries, including the Latin population in the United States. We believe that a third phase should be conducted among a larger sample to verify the validity of our instrument and describe the quality of life among adolescents with epilepsy.

Subject Area

Public health|Epidemiology

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Martinez, Perla Michelle, "Translation and Validation of the Spanish Version of the Quality of Life Inventory for Adolescents (QOLIE-AD-48)" (2021). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28718991.