Adaptive Lean Manufacturing Implementation for Organizations with Rapid Leadership Turnover

Brett Michael Babcock, University of Texas at El Paso


Lean Six Sigma seeks to optimize workplace efficiency and is now world renowned as the standard for how to maximize profits, perfect quality control, and emphasize workplace safety. Almost every large scale engineering company has in some shape or form a Lean Six Sigma aimed concept of operations to the point that a subset of the Lean Six Sigma Institute is focused towards compiling packages to assist those companies that have not implemented it to make the transition. These packages while efficient, operate with the understanding that the ideologies they deploy will be implemented from the top down and that once complete, the challenge is simply maintaining the implemented processes. However, there are organizations in the world that to no fault of their own, either are so large that it is impossible to fully implement any elements of lean manufacturing or are so rapidly operating that it is impossible to isolate all of the organization’s managerial staff at one place in time. Thus, we seek to answer the following question: How can organizations implement exterior, all-encompassing process changes when rapid leadership rotation and operational tempo prevent the standard implementation of isolating all employees and pausing processes to change into a more efficient organization? We show a model developed with these constraints in mind through a hypothetical organization that must undergo Lean Six Sigma implementation. The model takes a modified approach to standard implementation by customizing the transition packages to best be accepted by the organization as opposed to fully remodeling the organization in one fell sweep across all echelons.

Subject Area

Industrial engineering|Systems science

Recommended Citation

Babcock, Brett Michael, "Adaptive Lean Manufacturing Implementation for Organizations with Rapid Leadership Turnover" (2021). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28540423.