Mediations of Cogenerative Dialogues Between High School Students and Scientists

Chelsea Elizabeth Lucas, University of Texas at El Paso


Research shows that working with scientists is a great way to help high school students learn science more authentically. However, communication barriers might exist because of their different background. This study introduces how an exemplary mediator used cogenerative dialogues to facilitate their communications. The goal of cogenerative dialogues is to help participants communicate with respect and equity to improve collective practices. We drew on Riskin’s mediation framework to analyze dialogues to illustrate the mediation styles. Results indicate that this exemplary mediator was more elicitive when discussing problems, directive when discussing solutions, and focused on broad topics of the issue that affected the entire group rather than individuals. These findings can help educators to mediate dialogues to improve communications.

Subject Area

Secondary education|Science education

Recommended Citation

Lucas, Chelsea Elizabeth, "Mediations of Cogenerative Dialogues Between High School Students and Scientists" (2020). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28262048.