Mathematical Modeling, Optimal Control and Stability Analysis for Dynamic Supply Chains

Yasser Alberto Davizon Castillo, University of Texas at El Paso


Dynamic supply chains (SC) are important to reduce inventory, to enable the flow of materials, and maximize profits. By this, dynamic SC require proper decision-making with effective performance and synchronization. In operations and production planning processes, decision-makers develop convenient and suitable decisions, to validate their hypothesis about which decisions incorporate more profit while reducing costs on enterprise operations. Based on this, inventory management plays a crucial point in the supply chain analysis. In general, SC processes raw material, cash, and information flows, taking into account the demand profile of the system. This research work presents the mathematical modeling, optimal control, and stability analysis for dynamic SC. Novel mathematical models are developed to incorporate the use of compartmental analysis in the context of SC modeling, for forward and closed-loop SC. Optimal control (OC) formulations are developed in the context of Pontryagin maximum principle, for energy-based OC and present-value Hamiltonian OC, with proper stability analysis for each SC mathematical model addressed.

Subject Area

Industrial engineering|Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Davizon Castillo, Yasser Alberto, "Mathematical Modeling, Optimal Control and Stability Analysis for Dynamic Supply Chains" (2020). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI28262025.