Effects of Manual Resistance Training on Body Composition in Young Adults

Lizette Terrazas, University of Texas at El Paso


Resistance training (RT) is a form of exercise that is important for strength development. Manual Resistance Training (MRT) is an alternative mode of RT that utilize an external resistance provided by a partner. MRT requires minimal equipment and is a convenient form of training for individuals who do not have access to traditional weight training equipment The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 8 weeks of MRT intervention on Fat Mass (FM), Lean Mass (LM) and Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and to compare the changes to the Weight Resistance Training (WRT) group. Thirty young adult (Females:18, males:12) were randomly assigned to either a MRT (n=10, mean±SD age: 23.08±3.09 years, height: 165.70±12.39 cm, body mass: 77.87±21.69 kg, and body fat: 32.00±10.86 %), WRT (n=10, mean±SD age: 22.08±1.74 years, height: 169.70±9.53 cm, body mass: 72.69±18.22 kg, and body fat: 31.34±2.08 %) or control (n=10, mean±SD age: 24.58±2.65 years, height: 162.30±8.59 cm, body mass: 70.30±21.80 kg, and body fat: 34.57±8.81%) group. The MRT and WRT groups engaged in a training done twice a week for one hour with 2 circuits that had 3 exercises per circuits while the control group were instructed to not engage in any form of exercise during 8 weeks. Body composition was measured using Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) before and 24-48 hours after the intervention. Muscular Strength was measured with Isokinetic Knee Extension/Flexion, Isometric Bench Press, Isometric Mid-thigh Pull, One-Repetition Maximum (1RM) Bench Press (1RMBP) and 1RM Leg Press (1RMLP) before and immediately after the intervention. MRT group showed no change in FM (p=0.77), LM (p=0.10), BMD (p=0.46), and Total BMC (p=0.74) from pre to post testing. Similarly, no changes from pre to post testing in Total FM (p=0.89), Total LM (p=0.24), Total BMD (p=0.62), and Total BMC (p=0.36) were observed in WRT. However, an increase in Strength was seen in MRT through 1RMLP (p<0.01) and in WRT through 1RMBP (p=0.01) and 1RMLP (p<0.01) from pre to post testing. No changes in the control group were observed (p>0.05). Therefore, an 8-week intervention increases muscle strength without the change of body composition.

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Terrazas, Lizette, "Effects of Manual Resistance Training on Body Composition in Young Adults" (2020). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI27998155.