Regulation of Schlafen 11 Expression

Christian Waldemar Corona Ayala, University of Texas at El Paso


Schlafen 11 (SLFN11) is a member a family of proteins that can be found in mammals. Members of this family are involved in important functions. SLFN11 in particular has been identified as a restriction factor for several evolutionarily disparate viruses such as HIV-1 and Flaviviruses and to play an important role in DNA repair, sensitizing cells to chemotherapy. Despite its relevance SLFN11 remains largely uncharacterized. The aim of this research was to achieve a more comprehensive understanding the regulation mechanism of SLFN 11 expression. Before our research, it was only known that type I interferon (IFN) regulates SLFN11 levels. However, we have demonstrated that SLFN11 expression is controlled by type I interferon-dependent and -independent mechanisms. Among the latter protein kinase C- and calcium-regulated-signaling pathways are of relevance. More important, we have also established that during viral infection-induced SLFN11 upregulation the relevance of these mechanisms vary depending on the ability of the virus to block the type I IFN system. Therefore, our findings have revealed the complexity of the regulation of the expression of this innate immune protein and evidenced important gaps in our knowledge.

Subject Area

Biomedical engineering

Recommended Citation

Corona Ayala, Christian Waldemar, "Regulation of Schlafen 11 Expression" (2020). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI27993690.