The Untidy Yard

Jennifer Andrea Falcon, University of Texas at El Paso


During the summer of 2013 while researching and writing this manuscript I drove by an old theater in downtown Los Angeles. I parked across the street, took pictures, and watched as a film crew set up for a night shoot. Later that day I told my mother about what I had seen, and she asked me about the theater. I told her how surprised I was that it was used as a filming location because from the outside it looked run down and unkempt. I told her it was on Broadway, and she immediately named it and began to describe how it looked when she was a child. Her description of the Million Dollar Theater greatly differed from what I saw, but my mother hadn’t seen the theater in years. She began to tell me about the Spanish theater groups she saw perform at the theater and the Spanish language films that played there. She went into great detail about the buses she rode with my grandmother to get to the theater and how they went as often as possible to see whatever Spanish-language films were playing for the Mexican-American community in the area. These were stories I had never heard, and my usually quiet mother was eager to relay them to me. She admitted to forgetting about going there as a child, and that she hadn’t thought about the theater in a long time.

Subject Area

Creative writing

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Falcon, Jennifer Andrea, "The Untidy Yard" (2013). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1551881.