Reits and stock market cointegration

Jessie E Felix, University of Texas at El Paso


Real Estate is popular among investors looking for attractive total returns, predictable price movements, and low correlations to the general equity markets. The financial crisis of 2007 led by real estate mortgage defaults led to a universal bear market, and a credit freeze which impacted REITs ability to raise capital. REITs long viewed perception as a distinct asset class was questioned as a result. Research analyzing REITs long run trends find evidence of an existing long run relationship between REITs, and the S&P. This paper employs the same cointegration framework of prior studies using a longer sample period, and favors the conventional view of REITs as a distinct asset class.

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Felix, Jessie E, "Reits and stock market cointegration" (2013). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1541073.