Evaluation of residual, post-service creep-rupture properties of S-816 turbine buckets

Jonathan Carlos Contreras, University of Texas at El Paso


An increase in the cost-effectiveness of turbine buckets can be realized by increasing their time before overhaul (TBO) and/or rejuvenating them back into a re-usable state after they have sustained creep damage. This research investigation proposes to answer the following questions: (1) what is the actual condition of the turbine buckets that have reached the end of the manufacturer's service life?; (2) can the manufacturer's service life be extended?; (3) what possibilities exist for re-furbishing the buckets and re-using them? Creep-rupture testing is to be conducted on specimens made from two sets of post-service turbine buckets, in an air atmosphere. As-received and post-rupture specimen characterization of microstructural features, coupled with hardness tests, will be conducted; fractographic examination of rupture surfaces will also be conducted.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering|Energy|Materials science

Recommended Citation

Contreras, Jonathan Carlos, "Evaluation of residual, post-service creep-rupture properties of S-816 turbine buckets" (2012). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1533217.