A case study on the integration of internet technology with mathematics and science content for teachers

Pilar Gonzalez, University of Texas at El Paso


This study analyzed electronic discourse in an online mathematics/science education graduate course. The intention was: (a) to identify the teacher's attitudes towards using internet resources, (b) to motivate teachers to integrate the use of technology, and (c) to study how in-service and pre-service teachers find, access, and use technology resources. The main activities in the class were for teachers to read chapters from textbooks, post personal reflections on the chapter, search and critically assess the companion websites and read classmates' reflections. Teachers also completed Thematic Units consisting of several technology-enhanced mathematical and science integrated lesson plans. The teachers' success was assessed by participation in class and use of online resources through personal reflections, surveys, and semi-structured interviews. The results of this study indicated that (1) developing advanced strategies for searching online resources are appropriate and effective for an online mathematics/science education class, (2) chapter readings provided good content knowledge about reform, innovative, constructivist pedagogy that helped develop strategies for internet searching, and (3) on average 88% of the participants became more active and efficient in finding relevant and meaningful online resources, revised their pedagogical approaches, and changed their habits of mind as related to the use of technology resources in their teaching.

Subject Area

Mathematics education|Educational technology|Science education

Recommended Citation

Gonzalez, Pilar, "A case study on the integration of internet technology with mathematics and science content for teachers" (2010). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1477785.