Development of the video suggestibility scale for children: Spanish-language version

Claudia Ornelas, University of Texas at El Paso


This study examined the psychometric properties of a Spanish version of the Video Suggestibility Scale (VSSC). A cross-cultural validation with a sample of 3-5 year old Spanish speaking children was performed to evaluate its psychometric properties (N = 77). The development of the VSSC Spanish language version (VSSC-S) is described. The new version was created using the translation-back-translation process to increase the instrument’s equivalence. Internal consistencies were satisfactory. Construct validity was assessed by using factor analysis and the Varimax procedure. As expected, the VSSC-S items loaded on two separate factors. Overall, results suggest that the VSSC-S taps into similar constructs and that it possesses similar psychometric properties to those of the VSSC.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology|Quantitative psychology

Recommended Citation

Ornelas, Claudia, "Development of the video suggestibility scale for children: Spanish-language version" (2009). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI1473881.