A Framework to Audit Scheduling Events in the Linux Operating System

Edward Garwood Hudgins, University of Texas at El Paso


Soft real-time systems have responsiveness requirements that are desirable but not critical for operational effectiveness. This thesis describes a new scheduler logging framework named “Integrated Process Scheduler Archiver” (IPSA) intended to assist with this analysis. Due to human sensitivity to interface delays on gesture-driven devices, mobile devices are a common case of soft-real time systems. Mobile systems generally do not incorporate real-time schedulers, but instead utilize over-provisioning and a variety of scheduling heuristics to generally provide acceptable responsiveness. These devices are highly multi-programmed Energy limitations on mobile limit the extent of overprovisioning, thereby increasing the sensitivity of system behavior to the interaction of active applications and scheduling heuristics.

Subject Area

Computer science

Recommended Citation

Hudgins, Edward Garwood, "A Framework to Audit Scheduling Events in the Linux Operating System" (2018). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI13424360.