A Bayesian Model for Spectral Density Estimation

Yi Xie, University of Texas at El Paso


When we analyze a stationary time series, one of the questions we often meet is how to estimate its spectral density. Many approaches have been proposed to this end. In this paper we estimate the spectral density of a stationary time series nonparametrically. We fit a nonparametric regression model to the log periodogram and use third-degree B-spline functions as basis functions. Since the the number of basis functions is relatively large, we place priors such as random-walk and regularized horseshoe on the coefficients of the basis functions to avoid over-fitting and smooth the log periodogram.

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Xie, Yi, "A Bayesian Model for Spectral Density Estimation" (2018). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10930241.