Developing a System Dynamics Model of the El Paso Water Resources System

Majid Alahmoradi Akbarabadi, University of Texas at El Paso


The city of El Paso is growing rapidly, increasing water demand in a water-scarce region. In this research system dynamics modeling is applied to simulate dynamic behavior of the El Paso water resources system in order to investigate the city's portfolio based upon a supply-demand side and demand side management approach. System Dynamic simulation involves several steps, including system conceptualization, data collection, simulation model development, and model verification and sensitivity analysis. A high-level conceptualization of the El Paso water resources system is presented, including withdrawal sources, water and wastewater treatment facilities, water demands, and flow linkages are will be presented. The conceptual model provides the basis for quantitative stock-and-flow model, which is developed under development using data inputs and data from water local management agencies. The modeling process facilitates understanding of potential vulnerabilities to of the system and likely causes of failure, thereby offering a useful platform for water resources planning and management at the strategic level.

Subject Area

Water Resource Management|Systems science

Recommended Citation

Alahmoradi Akbarabadi, Majid, "Developing a System Dynamics Model of the El Paso Water Resources System" (2017). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10743787.