Burning Signs of Blue

John Veldt, University of Texas at El Paso


I am a beginning poet, and these are my beginning poems. Indeed, I am not Lorca. However, I do believe that his spirit of duende is visible in my work.There is the visible anguish of desire in these poems (just to name a few): the desire to receive a father's love, the desire to be the human animal, the desire to find truth, and a parent's desire to protect her children. It is a longing, a melancholic desire, tinged and/or consumed with the knowledge of death and loss. There is the desire for lost lovers and lost children, the desire for lost selves—past and future.

Subject Area

Creative writing

Recommended Citation

Veldt, John, "Burning Signs of Blue" (2017). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10687379.