A Value-Based Case Study to Increasing Community Mentoring in STEM for Hispanic Students

Gilberto Moreno, University of Texas at El Paso


This case study investigates the implementation of a unique community-driven mentoring pilot program (PASOS2) forging stronger community and K-12 partnerships. Focused on surfacing what matters most in engaging community mentors, this case study explores a civic organization’s quest to impact, expand, and bring value via mentoring to Hispanic students’ pursuit of post-secondary studies with emphasis in STEM careers. A major stumbling block faced by many underprivileged students is the lack of mentorship vital to expanding their social capital support system. This innovative mentoring approach provides students with critical access to STEM community empowerment agents supporting aspiring students’ dreams. Analytical methods and principles of case study research focus on how community mentor choices impact community mentorship value. The study examines whether or not a formal mentoring system with a value-driven mentoring curriculum matters in attracting, preparing, and sustaining community mentors to advocate for STEM careers to Hispanic students. A mentor value equation is introduced correlating mentor capacity to build student relationships, demystify STEM, deliver career guidance, and fortify student readiness. A formal mentor development training program integrates a technology-based ‘grit’ software platform to enhance student awareness, understanding, and commitment to considering a STEM career. Through the investigation of a formal mentoring experience, the study reveals what best practices, tools, and techniques influence community mentor engagement. The findings of this case study underscore the value in preparing community mentor capacity and competency. The very nature of the PASOS2 project being civic community-based informs other communities on how their investments can fortify Hispanic student social capital in their successful pursuit of STEM careers.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Science education|Hispanic American studies

Recommended Citation

Moreno, Gilberto, "A Value-Based Case Study to Increasing Community Mentoring in STEM for Hispanic Students" (2017). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10685081.