Design of a 1 Megawatt Heat Input Direct Power Extraction System for Advanced Topping Cycles

Brian Matthew Lovich, University of Texas at El Paso


Power development has become a standard for living; as such more efficient and cleaner methods are desired. One such method is that of the direct power extraction system utilizing Magnetohydrodynamic properties. This paper will discuss the combustor designed and developed for a direct power extraction system at the 1 MW heat input range. A short history of the power systems utilized with a focus on the direct power class will be conducted in the first chapter to give insight into the benefits of using the direct power system. Then a literature review the fundamentals of direct power systems will be conducted to give insight into key parameters and background for design methodology. The proof of concept 60 kW combustor of which the 1 MW combustor is based will be reviewed for key parameters. The key parameters allowed for proven methods to be kept constant to match performance; other parameters were derived through a scaling parameter study for proper scaling of the combustor. Next will be an in-depth analysis of the component design methodology of each major section of the combustor, namely the combustion chamber, injector, nozzle, and cooling channels. The driving parameters of each, as well as equations used, will be discussed. To correctly account for phenomena outside the scope of the analytical approach of chapter 2, two main computational models were developed of the combustor. First was the 3-D non-premixed combustion model to ensure injector performance, exit parameters were met, and optimize combustion chamber geometry. A second model of the combustor wall was developed for a combined thermal steady model and static structural model. This combined model was developed to ensure cooling parameters were met as well as predict combined stress within the wall during testing conditions. Both models were developed within Ansys software package. The relative accuracy presented and as well major performance parameters were discussed to assess the design's validity and ensure safety.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering

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Lovich, Brian Matthew, "Design of a 1 Megawatt Heat Input Direct Power Extraction System for Advanced Topping Cycles" (2017). ETD Collection for University of Texas, El Paso. AAI10283605.