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Technical Report: UTEP-CS-14-28


Modern society is intensely and irreversibly dependent on software systems of extraordinary size and complexity. This includes software systems in domain areas such as defense, energy, communication, transportation, and manufacturing. Due to the rapid expansion and reliance on the global Internet for day-to-day functions of individuals, organizations, governments, and industry around the world, cyber-security has emerged as an essential component of computing curricula. To address regional and national needs, the Computer Science Department has defined a roadmap for educating and preparing students who have expertise in the analysis and development of secure cyber-systems. Toward that vision, the department has set the following goals: (1) to increase the number of qualified students who complete a Secure Cyber-Systems track at the undergraduate or graduate levels at UTEP; (2) to graduate students who can enter the workforce with the ability to transfer state-of-the-art cybersecurity techniques and approaches into practice; (3) to place students in positions that utilize their knowledge and capabilities in cybersecurity. This technical report describes a set of objectives for each goal and the activities that will be implemented to achieve the objectives.