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Technical Report: UTEP-CS-13-63

Published in Mathematical Structures and Modeling, 2013, Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 28-34.


A known Urysohn's result shows that there exists a universal} metric space, i.e., a metric space into every other (separable) metric space can be isomorphically embedded. Moreover, this universal metric space can be selected to be ultra-homogeneous -- every isomorphism of its two finite subsets can be extended to the isomorphism of the whole space.

Starting with Einstein's theories of Special and General relativity, space-times are described by a different type of structure -- a set (of events) equipped with the proper time t(a,b) between points a and b; such spaces are known as space-times with kinematic metric, or k-space-times. In this paper, we show that Urysohn's result can be extended to k-space-times -- namely, that there exists an ultra-homogeneous universal k-space-time.