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Technical Report: UTEP-CS-97-5a

Preliminary version appeared in Working Notes of the AAAI Symposium on Frontiers in Soft Computing and Decision Systems, Boston, MA, November 8-10, 1997, pp. 66-71;

Final version is in Larry Medsker (ed.), Frontiers in Soft Computing and Decision Systems, AAAI Press (Publication No. FS-97-04), 1997, pp. 52-57.


Soft computing methods such as fuzzy control, neural networks, etc., often require lots of computations even for small amounts of data. It is, therefore, sometimes believed that for larger amounts of data, the required amount of computations will be so large that we will reach the frontiers of soft computing.

In this paper, we show, on the example of hyper-spectral satellite imaging, that this belief is often too pessimistic. We should not be afraid to use (or at least to try to use) soft computing methods even for large amounts of data.