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Published in the Proceedings of the Second National NASA Student Conference on Earth Sciences, Aero-Space Technology, Human Exploration and Development of Space, Space Science, and Crosscutting Technologies, Nashville, Tennessee, April 7-10, 2000, pp. 261-266.


To cover a certain area, it is often necessary to combine several satellite photos. To get a proper combination, we need to appropriately position and orient these photos relative to one another, i.e., mosaic these photos. With the new generation of multi-spectral satellites, for each area, we have several hundred images which correspond to different wavelengths. At present, when we mosaic two images, we only use one of the wavelengths and ignore the information from the other wavelengths. It is reasonable to decrease the mosaicking error by using images corresponding to all possible wavelengths in mosaicking. In this paper, we present an algorithm for such optimal mosaicking.