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Published in Proceedings of the ESRI International User Conference 2004, San Diego, California, August 9-13, 2004, Paper 1898.


A major trend in GIS is the addition of subsurface information to provide a 3-D perspective on data. Geophysical data provide information about subsurface structures and conditions, but require considerable analysis. The 4-D emphasis with the GEON projects has required the development of many sophisticated tools to allow users to utilize geophysical datasets that will be available on the GEON grid. Our group has created tools that will allow users to search new gravity and magnetic databases of the entire U.S. These tools will extract specific records from an Oracle database, and display the points over a map, grid and create a raster image for more analysis and interpretation. New tools are under development to allow a user to upload their own data sets in text format that will use ArcGIS tools to combine these data with other datasets, create map displays, or create a raster image.