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The The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) received an NSF ADVANCE grant in October 2003 to create an initiative for institutional change with the goal of serving as a model for other institutions that desire to increase the representation and advancement of women, including underrepresented minorities, in academic science and engineering careers. In the first year of the grant, co-PI's Ann Gates and Patricia Witherspoon worked with the ADVANCE Program Evaluator, Manuela Romero, to create an instrument to survey faculty work life at UTEP. The instrument is based on the "Study of Faculty Work Life" survey instrument that was developed by the Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute at the University of Wisconsin Madison. The ADVANCE team administered the survey in spring 2004 to full-time faculty in the 18 NSF-designated departments. The survey establishes a baseline of the issues concerning recruitment, retention and departmental, college and overall university climate and culture. This report presents the results of the survey.