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Technical Report: UTEP-CS-24-03


How to find relation between objects in a video? If two objects are closely related -- e.g., a computer and it mouse -- then they almost always appear together, and thus, their numbers of occurrences are close. However, simply computing the differences between numbers of occurrences is not a good idea: objects with 100 and 110 occurrences are most probably related, but objects with 1 and 5 occurrences probably not, although 5 − 1 is smaller than 110 − 100. A natural idea is, instead, to compute the difference between re-scaled numbers of occurrences, for an appropriate nonlinear re-scaling. In this paper, we show that fuzzy ideas lead to the selection of logarithmic re-scaling, which indeed works very well in video analysis -- and which also explains Fechner Law in psychology, that our perception of difference between two stimuli is determined by the difference between the logarithms of their intensities.