Why Five Stages of Solar Activity, Why Five Stages of Grief, Why Seven Plus Minus Two: A General Geometric Explanation

Miroslav Svitek, Czech Technical University in Prague
Olga Kosheleva, The University of Texas at El Paso
Vladik Kreinovich, The University of Texas at El Paso

Technical Report: UTEP-CS-22-101


A recent paper showed that the solar activity cycle has five clear stages, and that taking theses stages into account helps to make accurate predictions of future solar activity. Similar 5-stage models have been effective in many other application area, e.g., in psychology, where a 5-stage model provides an effective description of grief. In this paper, we provide a general geometric explanations of why 5-stage models are often effective. This result also explains other empirical facts, e.g., the seven plus minus two law in psychology and the fact that only five space-time dimensions have found direct physical meaning.