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Technical Report: UTEP-CS-18-37a

Published in Mathematical Structures and Modeling, 2018, Vol. 47, pp. 82-90.


To gauge pavement conditions, researchers have come up with a complex heuristic algorithm that combines several expert estimates of pavement characteristics into a single index -- which is well correlated with the pavement's durability and other physical characteristics. While empirically, this algorithm works well, it lacks physical or mathematical justification beyond being a good fit for the available data. This lack of justification decreases our confidence in the algorithm's results -- since it is known that often, empirically successful heuristic algorithms need change when the conditions change. To increase the practitioners' confidence in the resulting pavement condition estimates, it is therefore desirable to come up with a theoretical justification for this algorithm. In this paper, we show that by using fuzzy techniques, it is possible to come up with the desired justification.

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