Verifying Pattern-Generated LTL Formulas: A Case Study

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Salamah S., Gates A., Roach S., Mondragon O. (2005) Verifying Pattern-Generated LTL Formulas: A Case Study. In: Godefroid P. (eds) Model Checking Software. SPIN 2005. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 3639. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg



The Specification Pattern System (SPS) and the Property Specification (Prospec) tool assist a user in generating formal specifications in Linear Temporal Logic (LTL), as well as other languages, from property patterns and scopes. Patterns are high-level abstractions that provide descriptions of common properties, and scopes describe the extent of program execution over which the property holds. The purpose of the work presented in this paper is to verify that the generated LTL formulas match the natural language descriptions, timelines, and traces of computation that describe the pattern and scope. The LTL formulas were verified using the Spin model checker on test cases developed using boundary value analysis and equivalence class testing strategies. A test case is an LTL formula and a sequence of Boolean valuations. The LTL formulas were those generated from SPS and Prospec. The Boolean valuations of propositions in the LTL formula are generated by a deterministic, single-threaded Promela program that was run using the software model-checker Spin. For each pattern, a suite of test cases was. The experiments uncovered several errors in both the SPS-generated and the Prospec-generated formulas.