How to Write an Abstract for a Symposium Presentation: This is the Title in Franklin Gothic Demi Font Size 16

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A conference abstract (Verdana Font Size 11) is a complete but concise description of your research that entices the reader to stop by your poster or presentation to learn more. Writers should follow a checklist that specifically addresses: 1) Motivation behind the work. This is done in one or two sentences that put the research in context, telling why the reader should care about the problem and the results. 2) Problem statement. This describes the objective(s) of the project or the problem that you are trying to solve, providing the scope of your work specifically or in general terms. One to two sentences should suffice. 3) Method(s) used. This refers to the specific technique or instrument used, the variables that you measured, the control you used, etc. 4) Results. This describes the main result(s), and it must be very specific. Avoid use of vague words. Write “it changed from 2 to 4 mm in length” instead of “it doubled in length”. 5) Analysis. This is not always necessary. Including it depends on the scope of the work. 6) Conclusion. This lets the reader know the implications of the results in very specific terms and in one or two sentences.