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DNP Project

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Doctor of Nursing (ND)




Hector R. Morales, DNP, APRN, PHH/CS-BC


Patients in the intensive care unit who require endotracheal intubation are at higher risk of further complications and increased mortality. Inconsistent spontaneous awakening trials (SAT) and spontaneous breathing trials (SBT), mechanical ventilation weaning strategies, and interdisciplinary rounding processes contribute to prolonged mechanical ventilation duration and length of stay in intensive care. The (Robertson et al., 2008) study found utilization of an evidence-based protocol for endotracheally intubated patients will decrease days that a patient requires mechanical ventilation. Daily spontaneous-breathing trials (SBTs) are proclaimed as the best method for assessing readiness for discontinuation of mechanical ventilation. SBT protocols have also been shown to improve overall outcomes. The overall aim of this quality improvement project is decreasing mechanical ventilator days to less than seven, provide standardized care, decrease setbacks, allow for patients to be moved out of the intensive care unit and increase bed/room availability for new admissions to the intensive care unit.