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DNP Project

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Doctor of Nursing (ND)




Laura Rodriguez, DNP, APRN, MCH--CNS


Obesity, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus (type 2 DM) have continued to plague the healthcare system and the economy of the United States of America. They are most common among African Americans and Hispanic Americans. The objective of this quality improvement project was to improve compliance to self-care regarding self-monitoring of blood glucose, blood pressure, and exercise to achieve target fasting blood glucose (FBG) ≤ 120 mg/dL, blood pressure (BP) ≤ 130/80mm Hg and a weight loss of ≥5 pounds among adult Hispanics aged 18- 65 years old. A weekly motivational interviewing (MI) session was conducted for 6 weeks to achieve the set objectives, commencing in February 2022 through March 2022. The variables of weight, FBG, and BP were assessed at baseline and at the completion of the intervention. Patients’ measurements with their personal equipment at each visit was crosschecked with the interviewer’s hospital equipment to rule out calibration errors.

Of the 20 participants, 10 (50%) improved in the three variables, six (30%) had better BP and FBG control only, two (10%) improved in FBG and weight control only, while two (10%) dropped out, mostly among male patients in the age range of 35-55 years-old and females in the age range, 25-50 years old.

Motivational interviewing has shown to be an effective strategy for improving BP levels and increased adherence levels in individuals with obesity and Type 2 DM, thereby reducing complications and overall mortality and morbidity among adult Hispanic population.

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