Seroconversion Risk Perception Among Jail Populations: A Call for Gender-Specific HIV Prevention Programming

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Alarid, L. F., & Hahl, J. M. (2014). Seroconversion risk perception among jail populations: A call for gender-specific HIV prevention programming. J Correct Health Care, 20(2), 116-126. doi:10.1177/1078345813518631


The prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection among prisoners is 3 to 4 times higher than in the U.S. population. Given that one in seven HIV-positive Americans pass through a correctional facility every year, the criminal justice system is in an ideal position to aggressively implement effective HIV education, treatment, and prevention. This study examines barriers to the effective delivery of these services and evaluates differences in risk perception among nearly 600 female and male inmates. The results underscore gender differences in Perceived Risk of Seroconversion and Exposure to HIV Education, suggesting that jails should implement gender-specific HIV prevention programming.