Comprehensive Modal Tests of a Space Truss Model for Damage Assessment

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C. J. Carrasco et al, "Comprehensive Modal Tests of a Space Truss Model for Damage Assessment," Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space V, Available: https://doi.org/10.1061/40177(207)154. DOI: doi:10.1061/40177(207)154.


A three-dimensional scale model of a hexagonal boom truss of the then space station Freedom was built and tested in the laboratory. The purpose of the tests was to extract complete quality data of the vibrational characteristics of the structure, before and after damage, for use with damage detection/evaluation theories, that could eventually be implemented in a space environment. The vibration tests consisted of experimental modal analysis before and after the infliction of artificial damage. The structure was subjected to 18 different damage scenarios, the damage consisted of partial and complete damage at single and multiple locations. This paper describes the details of the structure, the construction procedure, the testing procedure and the test results. The test results consist of the vibrational signatures due to different damage scenarios on the structure. The results will be used to implement global damage detection/evaluation theories based on modal strain energy distribution and Artificial Neural Networks.