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Supporting Information for Heyman, J., Mayer, A., Alger, J., 2022. Predictions of household water affordability under conditions of climate change, demographic growth, and fresh groundwater depletion in a southwest US city indicate increasing burdens on the poor, in review for publication in PLOS ONE.


The Supporting Information contains (a) supplemental tables of annual volumes and costs for each water supply source and by year for each scenario (see Supplemental Information.pdf), (b) the census tract numbers used in the analysis of incomes spent on water (see Supplemental Information.pdf), (c) a correlation matrix for demographic variables and the fraction of households in a census tracts paying > 5% for water in 2070 for the worst case scenario (see Supplemental Information.pdf), and (d) the shapefiles for the El Paso Water utility service area boundaries (see compressed folder boundary11.24.21.gdb).

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