Predicting Probe Impedance Change in EC-NDI Using a 3D Finite Element Model

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Revilla, Arturo, Joseph H. Pierluissi, and Roberto A. Osegueda. "Predicting Probe Impedance Change in EC-NDI using a 3D Finite Element Model." AIP Conference Proceedings557, no. 1 (04/30; 2018/07, 2001): 961-968, https://aip.scitation.org/doi/abs/10.1063/1.1373860.


In order to aid in the interpretation of nondestructive eddy current inspection data this paper reports preliminary results obtained with a 3D Finite Element Model of a conducting plate with a semi-elliptical flaw for several inspection frequencies. The results include predicted impedance change patterns over a 2D scan of the flaw. The data are useful as training sets for automated evaluation of nondestructive inspection data. The numerical results were validated with benchmark experimental measurements.