Bisphenol A Removal from Aqueous Solution by Alginate-Bentonite Composite Sorbent

Wah-Tzu Teoh, Nagaoka University of Technology
Wen-Yee Lee
Kazunori Sato, Nagaoka University of Technology


The removal of bisphenol A (BPA) from aqueous solutions by alginate-bentonite sorbent was evaluated. The effects of various parameters, including sorbent dosage, sorption duration, initial concentration of BPA, and stirring speed were determined. The removal capacity of alginate-bentonite is notably higher at sorption duration within 20 min but less stable. The removal capacity showed dependency on initial BPA concentration as well as stirring speed. The binding of BPA molecule to alginate-bentonite sorbent via hydrophobic interactions play an important role during the removal process. Within the investigated range, the best BPA removal capacity achieved by alginate-bentonite sorbent is 676 nmol/g.