The Gender of Cell Lines Matters When Screening for Novel Anti-Cancer Drugs

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Nunes, L.M., Robles-Escajeda, E., Santiago-Vazquez, Y. et al. AAPS J (2014) 16: 872. https://doi.org/10.1208/s12248-014-9617-4


Current reports indicated that the gender origin of cells is important in all facets of experimental biology. To explore this matter using an anticancer high throughput screening platform, seven male- and seven female-derived human cell lines, six from cancer patients in each group, were exposed to 81 novel cytotoxins. In this screen, the findings revealed that 79 out of 81 of the compounds consistently inflicted higher levels of toxicity towards male derived cells, emphasizing that there is indeed a gender-related difference in cell sensitivity to these anti-neoplastic agents. This gender-related drug sensitivity and toxicity explored at the molecular and cellular level emerged from a drug discovery enterprise.