Science Concept Learning in a Dual Language Setting

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Hampton, E. Rodriguez, R. (Spring 25). Science concept learning in a dual language setting. The TABE Journal, 8(1), 36-5.


The following study was designed to add to our understanding of science concept learning in a bilingual setting using a student-centered, inquiry- based curriculum. Ten early childhood classrooms in the Socorro School District near El Paso, Texas, participated in the research. Children were learning science through an interactive curriculum taught in a two-way dual language program. Data gathered from student interviews, classroom observations, student assessments, and teacher interviews indicate that the children were understanding and retaining science content, even though only half the curriculum was presented in their home language. The students were able to recall the objectives of the curriculum unit and orally describe the hands-on activity they had participated in from one to two years in the past. The research provides evidence to suggest that science content learning is not compromised for second language learners in a dual language setting when they experience an interactive, constructivist science curriculum.